Photography is my passion, my family is everything.

I am a wife and a mom! My husband and I have a different story than most. We chose to commit to each other when I was 17 and he was 21. We have celebrated many years of marriage and I can tell you, it’s one of things I’m most thankful for. It’s one of the biggest reasons wedding photography has become a passion of mine.

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more about me and how it all started.

I had the privilege of stepping into this business in 2017 when I had three kids running around, ages 1, 2, and 3. My husband could see I needed something that was just mine. Something that I could look forward to in the midst of taking care of my 3 under 3. He bought me my first camera. Not just a camera you can point and shoot and expect a decent picture, but one you have to learn, one that wasn’t in our budget.

I will forever credit him with the start of this story. He saw I needed something and knew me well enough to give me an outlet for creativity.

I started just taking pictures of our youth group girls. We have the privilege of knowing 100’s of teens through our church. My husband is the youth pastor and I, a youth pastor’s wife. It started there and quickly grew to couples, engagements, then my first wedding in the same year.

If you have ever met me in this field, you would never know I was an introvert. I long to be alone, I craze quiet, and I re-energize from solitude. But for some reason, when I have my camera in hand and I am capturing you live out one of your best days, my introverted self becomes the most outgoing person and I barely recognize her! Weddings bring me joy. They bring out my fun side and I enjoy dancing on the dance floor with you and your girls like we have known each other for years! 

let's work together


I could eat sushi every single day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

My favorite desserts are mochi, crème brûlée, and macarons.

I thought Santa Clause was real until I was 15.

My house is covered in plants! And I don’t have enough!

And most importantly, my faith in Christ is what I hope people remember me by.


CodieLee did such an amazing job at our wedding, so many gusts even mentioned how she was so on top of everything the entire day!! We couldn't have been happier with entrusting our most important wedding duty to her. Photos!!! I can't say enough wonderful things about her! Thanks again for such an amazing experience!

-Madison Sutton


CodieLee has an eye for intimacy in each shot that others mmiss. Her off-angle shots, filtering and ability to make my wife and I feel completely comfortable helped us capture easily the best photos ever taken of us. HIGHLY recommended!

-Ken Mahoy


CodieLee brings a life-giving joy to photography that I've never seen before. She is warm, encouraging, and will put you at ease during your entire session. She provides helpful, skilled direction and pointers. And she'll likely smile or laugh through the entirety of your time together, which makes it very hard for you to not do the same! Her skill is evident in her photos, and my husband and I proudly displayed her work on our Christmas card this year. Book CodiLee ASAP!

-celeste eagle


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